Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Simple Luxury iPhone5 Crystal Diamond Metal Bumper

So, besides lots of iphone cases, how to make our iphone simple and protective if we don't want to get a case of phone case?

But, as phone fans who like decorate phone to show our style. May be the below Simple Luxury iPhone5 Swarovski Metal Bumper can meet your need.
This simple iphone case really enough to interpretation your simple luxury swarovski iPhone5 case style, very simple, and yet luxurious, for someone who love iphone5 diamond bumper, and you want the best of both worlds very simple luxury and protective iPhone5 with metal bumper.
Taste noble source of Austria Swarovski Crystal bumper for iphone 5. Velvet a very exquisite luxury box, a good gift for lover as Minimalist luxury iPhone5 Swarovski Metal Bumper.
It provide gentle touch, high toughness, Metal materials, anti high pressure deformation damage, creative thoughtful design.
Finally, provides series color to freely choice is necessory.

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Tuesday, October 30, 2012

ANNA SUI Magic Mirror Case for iPhone 5 New Released

As we know, ANNA SUI Magic Mirror Case is for iPhone 4 and iPhone 4S. But now it's new released for iPhone 5 and for Samsung Galaxy S3.
As most popular women phone case, ANNA SUI Magic Mirror Case for iPhone 5 is another choice for who has iPhone 5 now.

You'll love it more cause it's an unique iPhone5 mirror case with pioneer Design and fashion hit with very exquisite luxury box as good gift. And now, get Additional iPhone Screen Protector as free gift.
For more info, please go ANNA SUI Magic Mirror Case for iPhone 5.

If you want to get review of it, please go ANNA SUI Magic Mirror Case review.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

iPad MINI Protector Case Review- iPad MINI Leather Rotary Case With Belt Buckle

Now have you got a iPad MINI? The new iPad Mini is the paperback version many tablet users have been waiting for.
But since the iPad Mini's specs are similar to the iPad 2, its primary selling point is its mini-ness. So physically putting your hands on the device tells you a lot.
The ipad mini is light, 312 grams, but still feels substantial and sturdy in your hand.
We know, there are lots of ipad protector case, like smart cover case or leather case, etc. But what protector case for ipad mini now?

So is the review of iPad MINI Protective Leather Rotary Case With Belt Buckle new release on, which is online worldwide shopping store Keep up with the pace of technology internet and have great customer service.

The newly released iPad MINI Protective Leather Rotary Case looks, at first, like the perfect answer to protective MINI. The iPad Mini full-folio case has a business bag-like front, and also has a back with Belt Buckle. Together, it's a kickstand case, well, it's a folio case.
From side, it's slim and durable, snap connection, and can be used separately, so you can get a weight-light back protective case for ipad MINI only if you don't want to carry a bag.

I like the idea of the Leather Rotary Case because sometimes I want to use the iPad MINI at more than the two extreme angles the Smart Case or Cover offers. A 3-degree angle feels great for typing and a separately design often works better for showing off pictures or video and carry out.
It's broken down into 3 stage that stand the tablet different from viewing angle when reading, watching video and typing. That's the unique stand design provides better viewing and typing angle.

Compare to Slim iPad2 New iPad3 Wireless Bluetooth Keyboard Aluminum Base Stand, both of them can erected as well in different style.  
As ipad mini leather case, it's softer and comfortable, rounded corners with more meticulous craft.
So, is this ipad mini case a regression in form? It depends on your perspective.
If you value good, soft protection, this is progress. The all-microfiber case feels cut from a single material, soft to the touch and yet just a little bit sturdy.
All areas of the iPad MINI are covered up, even the volume buttons, which have molded areas you can press through the case.

And this Leather Rotary Case is shockproof, like the original iPad case, it should survive a basic light drop to keep ipad mini safe as well as ipad to computer transfer done between ipad and computer.

Here is the case model which is new release New iPad Protective Leather Rotary Case With Belt Buckle for iPad 2 iPad 3 iPad 4 and iPad 5.

Sunday, October 21, 2012

45 off iPhone5 Luxury Vintage Leather Book Wallet Cover Case

Luxury Vintage Leather Book Wallet Cover Case is Classic and classy leather book wallet cover case which first release for iphone 4 and 4S.
Now, is the new release iPhone5 Luxury Vintage Leather Book Wallet Cover Case, with the case, you can keep your cards together with your iphone5 in one case.

With 45% off, it's worthful to get this Wallet Cover Case for iPhone 5.
Features of this wallet cover case for iphone5:
    Comes with 1 money slot & 2 credit card slots
    Non-scratch interior linings
    easy to slide in / out access to your iPhone
    Stylish magnet clip closure
    Direct access to all control buttons
    Convenient ID window with thumb-slide
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Thursday, October 18, 2012

Halloween Unique iPhone Case Review

Are you getting into the halloween spirit yet? I’ve got a specialized iPhone 5 halloween case to really get into the festivities now.
My Cousins show me kinds of halloween cases which are cool.

Here is my Halloween iphone 5 case, it is Devil Personalized Protective Stand Case which is Unique iPhone Case for Halloween with Tongue as stand case for iPhone 5.
It’s available on theideasforgift for $19.95, that’s save my money.
It also the most coolest halloween iPhone5 case, that’s the comparison result among us.
It often prove to be very nice to have on my iphone 5 in any situation. It protects the sides and back of iPhone 5. Better still, while most silicon cases are made entirely from PC and TPU materials this case has a cool desigh of tongue stand. It will be a useful iphone 5 case even not for halloween for it can free my hands when reading, playing, etc.

From the side you can see that all front and back of the case is covered. The sides works fine and smooth, before putting on iphone 5, I test and it very pliable and strong, anti-slide, and feels comfortable.

It interfere with the button layout on iphone 5. It is easy enough to never lay your phone screen-down.


The bottom is completely open so the connector is accessible by any and all after-market cables will work.

Why I love about this iPhone5 Devil Personalized Protective Stand Case is that, it express my halloween spirit completely and show Personalized when I using it usually. I love knowing that my case make me stand out from the crowd.

Happy halloween, guys.

Are you the sort of person who will actively in search of a halloween case for your iPhone5? You can get more details from to customize your iphone 5 for halloween.

Personally, another question of how to keep iphone safe is how to back up iphone on PC to prevent from lost or missing anything. Such as songs, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts, Folder Rule, etc. That's the work of iPhone to Computer Transfer and I going to test it for my iphone 5.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

How to buy cool New iPad MINI Holster Protective Leather Case

To protective nee ipad mini, first is choose the protective case.

How to buy a cool iPad MINI Holster Protective Leather Case?

First, It must be Slim and durable, that means it is truly a natural fit with new ipad mini.

Besides Luxury, the ipad mini case must be thin, light, safe and high quality

 Second, iPad mini can automatically wake or put it into hibernation.

When using ipad mini, the new ipad mini Leather Case must be as convenient bracket when reading, watching video and typing.

Finally, It is really 'MINI' for ipad mini.


Sunday, October 14, 2012

Luxury Swarovski Rainbow Crystal Case for iPhone5

Swarovski Rainbow Crystal Diamond Case for iPhone. It is fitted with more than 2,000 pieces of pure Austria Swarovski Crystal Decoration with very exquisite luxury box as good gift. Luxury style case for iPhone 5. Special for woman or girls who loves jewelrys.

Rainbow style makes sky bright:

Get colorful earrings? why not make your iphone5 colorful as rainbow? Not pain, not Stick, just protect iphone 5 and bring you a rainbow, Eye-catching if you show your iphone out of your handbag:

 What is your Character? Seriou? Romantic? We're seriou but we want romantic.

It provide gentle touch, high toughness, hard materials, anti high pressure deformation damage, creative thoughtful design, excellent covering for the back and corners of iPhone 5. Engage earthquake material. 
Personally, I like the black and white one, it's the best partner of my white iphone 5, Full body protection to shield my iPhone 5 from scratches, damages and dirt: 

Taste noble source of Austria Swarovski Crystal Case for iphone 5. Velvet a very exquisite luxury box, a good gift for lover.

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