Friday, July 27, 2012

Best easiest way to connect PS3 controller to PC (support 64bit systems)

If SONY done as Microsoft's XBOX360 with a PS3 controller official Bluetooth driver, there is no need for this tutorial, in fact, this should never be able to achieve ... so, we still have to try every way to connect PS3 Controller to PC/laptop (including 32/64bit systems).

In fact, either you get from SONY Store or electronic wholesale online store, both dualshock PS3 controller wired and wireless can connect to PC perfectly, so XBOX360 handle is no longer the best choice of the PC handle now.

Get the latest version of MotioninJoy download which named Playstation 3 controller(Dualshcok 3 or Sixaxis) driver for windows, pay attention to the system you are using either 32bit or 64bit to choose the right version.

First of all, make sure the Bluetooth adapter is already connected to the PC.
1. Click 'Install motioninjoy driver' in the Start Menu of MotioninJoy and ends with asking you to run the DS3 tool.

Install motioninjoy driver
2. Open the DS3 tool, go to "Driver manager" and press the "Load Driver" button. The PS3 controller is ready for use when you see a message: "SUCCESS: Install Completed".

Install motioninjoy driver

Tips: After use PS3 controller on PC you would like to disconnect it, just long press the pairing button 10 seconds (may be longer) to see a light goes out it means the ps3 controller is sleeping. If you do not manually disconnect PS3 controller on PC, it will probably put it aside for about one hour before auto sleep, which would greatly waste electricity.

3. With driver loaded, the next step is to configure use PS3 controller on PC. Click on the "Properties"-->"Test" tab to test PS3 controller(Buttons and Axises) and "Settings" tab to calibrate your PS3 controller on PC.

test ps3 controller on pc
test ps3 controller on pc
There is a simple explain of 4 handle mode on 'Options' -> 'Game conrtoller Options' when setting before use PS3 controller on PC:

use ps3 controller on pc

Digital Gamepad: digital mode, the four-way controller for XY axis, rocker invalid, that is, the mode of the PS1 handle.
Analog Gamepad1: Arrows for the point of view, two joysticks for the X, Y, Z, RZ axis, that is, the simulation model of the PS2 handle.
Analog Gamepad2: Arrows for the point of view, two joysticks, respectively X, Y, Z, RZ axis, L2, R2 button can also be when the axis, similar to the XBOX handle.
Analog Gamepad3: based on the Analog Gamepad2 the six-axis sensing, no PC software to support six-axis now, waiting for the PS3 emulator come out.

Back to the main interface, you will see that it has detected the remaining power of the PS3 controller and vibration size changes. At this point, the configuration of motioninjoy for PS3 Controller was completely, get more advanced setting your own later.

So, connect PS3 Controller to PC is completely now, we do not need to use a wired connection anytime, it is still very easy and convenient.

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