Friday, February 22, 2013

Earphone Headset Collapsible With Remote Control Review

This Earphone Headset is Collapsible and with Remote Control, it is universal headset, compatible with the full range of the 3.5 audio equipment.
It has both Pure white and piano black. Perfemance as ipad external material, it is smooth piano paint with gloss. Specially headset for iPhone 4/4S, iPhone 5, iPad 2/3/4, iPad Mini, iPod Shuffled, Samsung Phone, Android Robot and HTC phone, etc.
First, it comes with Comfortable large ear foam. Built-in foam can play summer cool winter heating in special design.
When I first receive it, it shocks me without the fashion stylish exterior. I connect it to my iPhone 4S and first have a try,  I really  deeply shocked. Small volume, was able to issue such a beautiful super sound.
With  it's adjustable headband, adjustable telescopic with memory scale, to ensure that different head shape has the best ways to wear. It's Headphone wires is 1.2 M, long enough for any condition.
Then I play the game rapid racing, the bass is really powerful, personally, it's the strongest headset I even use. It's Comfortable and breathable,  not allergic for long-term use.

I tried to answer the phone. Very convenient! Just click to answer, very relaxed I took the dialogue and the sound is very clear. With integrated control talk, one-button control of  music and phone, with high sensitivity shut up, very easy to answer phone calls.

Unconsciously I spent 2-3 hours, did not feel any uncomfortable. Because it's adaptive earmuffs, enhanced low-frequency sound to effectively isolate outside noise and ensure long time wearing comfortable.

Last, I like it's Collapsible desigh. New folding design with a nano pouch, help me safekeeping and easy to carry out.

Compare to high price headphone, you can find it's on sale of $36.95 on and the point is free shipping now.

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