Thursday, April 11, 2013

iPad5 is coming with Front Panel Photo

When the new iPad5 release? Only Apple knows.

But in accordance with the laws in last years, as long as there is a variety of assembly Spy Shots means that iPad5 is coming soon.

Yesterday, one of France technology blog exposed an iPad5 photo of the front panel, before all kinds of rumors , it's the real photo, it seem to tell us the iPad5 really not far away from us.

The photo that was sent to the blog by one of their Chinese moles could indeed be the first evidence the imminent release of the next iPad5. So it brings us probably the first concrete evidence that the production of the iPad 5 is actually launching ...

If you note iPad5 news, you should the iPad5 specifications of: Touch Retina 9.7 "A6 dual-core processor 1GHz, 1GB RAM, Camera Photo 12Mpx, the same of ipad4 9.7-inch Retina capacitive touch screen, it seems that the ipad4 case can be also used as iPad5 case.

Now, what can infer from this photo?

1. Apple may firstly listed iPad5, iPad MINI2 is perhaps extended

2. iPad5 has narrow frame design similar to the iPad mini

3. Still 4:3 screen, the resolution is very likely still is 2048 × 1536

4. If iPad5 follow the iPad mini design style, it will be more thin and light

Supposedly it's really iPad 5, the side edges of the front panel display that you can see in the picture are much finer than those of the facade of current iPad 4 or iPad Retina. The proportions of this framework are similar to the first part of the iPad Mini view.

Photos that suggested at the time that the iPad 5 is more compact than the iPad 4. This information seems to be confirmed.

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