Thursday, June 13, 2013

iPhone 5S Possible Frame Photographed

The WWDC 2013 event took place last night and Apple has not mentioned the new iPhone or the new iPad.
However, Apple will surely release the new iPhone 5S in the fall of this year and until that happens we continue to see all kinds of leaks on the internet, just like the one in the photo below(source from gev).
iphone-5s-frame Tim Cook, the CEO of Apple, said that the company will present new devices in the fall of this year and they will come with a new hardware platform.

According to rumors, in the photo above you can see the frame of the upcoming iPhone 5S smartphone. Allegedly, the photo was taken at a Foxconn factory and there are some clues about bigger camera, possibly a camera with a 12 MP sensor.
iphone-5s-assembly The website is the protagonist of this leak and this website was very active last year when it published leaks about the iPhone 5.

It seems that the frames of the iPhone are being manufactured long before anything else and we should mention the fact that this is not the first component of the iPhone 5S we get to see in the last month. Last week we also caught a glimpse of some buttons and motherboard of the new smartphone.


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