Friday, December 7, 2012

iphone using skills

There are many using skills about iphone. Here we will introduce you some useful iphone using skills. With these skills, you can enjoy more about iphone and operate your iphone more easily.

Iphone using Skill 1

When Password locked iphone you want to dial temporarily.
Normal procedure: slid to unlock—input password—input phone number. In fact, it can be simplified, press the emergency dialing in the lower left corner of the input password screen. In fact, this interface can dial any number;

Iphone using Skill 2

Fast input punctuation, when inputting punctuation if you want to fast input punctuation, after you press the key“123”

Slide into punctuation that you want to input then released, you could see punctuation have been input and come back to letter keyboard automatically. Moreover, after inputting punctuation press space key, it also can back to letter keyboard automatically as well. It is very Humanity for English input.

Iphone using Skill 3

Safari back to top of page when browsing the web, click the status bar on the op of screen, web will jump to the top of page, at the same time display address bar.

Iphone using Skill 4

Scrolling text box to enter text in the text box, if out of the range, you will find the text box has no scroll bar any more, a single finger can only scroll the entire page, this time using two fingers to try, please do not forget the iPhone’s multi-touch.

Iphone using Skill 5

Enter the Latin alphabet letter press and hold the English keyboard (like o or e), will pop up similar commonly used Latin letters.

Iphone using Skill 6

You can open Wi-Fi safely without fear that will costs of electricity, because when after you locked about 20 seconds, Wi-Fi will automatically switch off.

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