Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Phone5 Matte Front and Back Protective Film New Released

Today picked creative gadget is iPhone5 Matte Front and Back Protective Film. We know, there are lots of screen guard for mobile phone to protective scratch, and now here is a protective film which can guard both screen and back of iphone.

This iPhone5 Matte Front and Back Protective Film uses Electrostatic adsorption, so there is no residual glial and it is reusable, perfect protect your screen and back of iphone, more wearable.
After test, it's anti-fingerprint, scratch, anti-oil, anti-glare and have smooth hand feel.

Suitable models: iPhone 5
Main component: The Third Generation of PET optical material
Light transmittance: 99%
Surface hardness: 4H
Total thickness: 0.23mm
Main film thickness: 0.15mm
Anti-fingerprint, scratch, anti-oil, anti-glare.

New release and free shipping worldwide for $9.9 on theideasforgift.A recommended bumper for iphone with the film is Luxury Space Aluminum Bumper for iPhone5 which can be used freely for the film.

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