Saturday, January 12, 2013

Thinnest iPad Mini Premium Leather Cover Case Review

iPad Mini can take plenty of abuse, but they get scratched up pretty quickly, which is one of the reasons why cases are necessary. Unlike some, I prefer to keep my ipad mini in as good condition as possible, so when I inevitably upgrade and resell it, I get maximum value. The iPad Mini Premium Leather Cover Case is an interesting idea, since it combines a protective iPad mini case with thinnest cover.

By virtue of its natural curvature and the stiffness, can be very simple to change the shape used as thinnest ipad stand case, has an almost unlimited amount of angle adjustment, not any effect to transfer files to computer or connect to TV with Dock connector, it is not only sleek but stylish.

It has an almost unlimited amount of angle adjustment, it is not only sleek and stylish, but 100% Handmade leather and buckles also reflects the luxurious craft and exquisite design. For $39.95 on ipadmates.

The best thing about this case is that it keeps your iPad mini scratch-free. Unless you are very diligent in always storing your iPad mini in a bag with nothing else, it will eventually get scratched up. Thanks to its exquisite design and folding cover, this case stops this from happening. The case can also be put inside a bag or take along without any problems. That's the major difference from the usual ipad mini case.

Compare to another hot iPad MINI Protective Leather Rotary Case With Belt Buckle, you'll know clear for your stlylish.

Personally, I like my case minimal and simple, so when I was offered this case for review, it made me wonder if that’s really what I wanted. For me, it’s the best fit due to its bulk. The cover is a cute idea, and the overall design makes the iPad Mini a lot thinnest than it needs to be.

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