Saturday, September 1, 2012

iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer

Free download iPad/iPhone/iPod to Computer Transfer to trial.

  1. Manage iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod content, and import and export files from devices to computer.
  2. Back up and restore all files from iPod, iPhone, iPad or iPod Touch to recover any lost or missing music.
  3. Works with all iPod, iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch models, new update to compatible with new iPhone iOS 5.x series.

What's more:
1.Easily and quickly back up songs, videos, photos, playlists, podcasts, Folder Rule and more from iPod Touch, iPhone, iPad or iPod to any folder on PC.
2.Import and export files from devices to computer as great iPhone Transfer.

1.Auto-scans iPod, iPad or iPhone device, and auto-indexes all files by album, artist, genre, and type. Also auto-searches by album, artist, genre and type.
2.Manage iPad/iPhone/iPod Touch/iPod content directly.

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