Saturday, September 8, 2012

More than iphone case - iPhone 4S ID Credit Card Cases

Recently I got a new iphone case from friend.

I like not because anything but it's unique for it combines a wallet and protective case, so it not only a iPhone 4S ID Credit Card Case for me, but a wallet and id card case.
Totally, it has 3 color, but I like purple, may be I'm a girl.

When I got it, it's easy to put on and off.  And it's very light.
Three days later, to me, it's a perfect slot for accommodating my day-to-day necessities such as ID, credit card, key card and business cards. It not only serves as a case but also as a wallet. I don't like to take a wallet anywhere.

The ID Credit Card iPhone 4 / 4S case has a sleek outer shell which is hard and gives protection to my iPhone 4S.

My purple iPhone 4S ID Credit Card Case, thanks for Emil, and I'd like to get black one for my Daddy:

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